People Behind  

 Dr. Anju Khanna
The Circle constitutes a group of professionals who offer strategic guidance to educational start-ups. Dr.Anju Khanna and Mr.Atul Khanna cultivated THE CIRCLE as an experiment with 5 children, in an apartment in south Delhi in 1992,
Today ‘The Circle’ has grown organically into an institution which has the capability to provide inputs to the existing educational institutions so as to improve their prevalent processes or implement new procedures. We have the capacity to conceptualize and deliver an educational start-up right from the drawing board stage to infrastructure development to recruitment to training to curriculum development.
A Brief Description about the People who have conceptualised “THE CIRCLE”:

Dr. Anju Khanna:
With over 25 years of experience in education, both in India and the US, Dr. Khanna is a renowned trainer, speaker and organizer.
About Her Academic Background:
  • M.Phil and a PhD (in English Literature) with a ‘Gold Medal’ for being the ‘best all-rounder student’
  • Post Graduation in English Literature
  • Appointed as a lecturer in the Post Graduate College
  • A stint at State College Pennsylvania USA as a teacher on an exchange program
Dr.Anju Khanna is a faculty member at Aastha – Foundation for human learning and growth Dr.Khanna is on the panel of NCERT for revision and development of Marigold series of textbooks on English
She is associated with Mirambika Institute at Sri Aurobindo Ashram for the development programs for teacher training and is part of the faculty.
Dr. Khanna is an author for children’s books

Atul Khanna
Atul Khanna:
  • An engineer from IIT Delhi.
  • Has been associated with the industrial marketing for the past 23 years.
  • Represents a few Pune based companies in Northern India
  • He is a co-author and editor of books on Mathematics.
  • Has undergone a “counselor” training and was associated with “sanjivini” an NGO taking care of people with troubled mind. This gives him much needed insight and knowledge when it comes to dealing with young parents.
  • Consultant for pre-primary/primary/whole school programs right from the drawing board stage to conceptualization to execution of the infrastructure followed by recruitment and training of staff where Dr. Khanna plays the key role.
  • The Circle – playschool, day-care, Abacus program, Kid’s Gurukul library and the activity centre at CR Park is managed by him.
We have an approach to information built on child’s own day-to-day experiences. It is essential to provide space for ‘self directed learning’ through observation of the children and not merely put them into modular activities curriculum.
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