Our Parents  
The Circle Outside  The Circle, a creative concept where parents are encouraged to volunteer their time and creativity. They get together in small groups outside The Circle radius, and have fun through meaningful interactions. This could be an evening of painting diyas and bells just before Diwali at a parent’s home. Or a small Saraswati Puja celebration out in the park to welcome the advent of spring.

Parents also volunteer to design and run activities within the school structure like conducting story telling sessions, organizing walks to parks and museums or even setting up a splash pool experience. All parent-led activities are guided by the cycle of seasons

Our Interaction with Parents:
The Circle’s engagement with parents is based on the following premise:

  • Children best understand their own needs. But parents come a close second in understanding their child’s development. Their everyday, hands-on learning in parenting can be richly supplemented through partnerships with the school, and with other parents.
  • Teachers at The Circle confirm that the most challenging students, with whom learning breakthroughs come very late; typically have parents who are not in synergy with The Circle team. Difficult children are indicators of parents requiring more intensive counseling and interaction with.
  • In the present context of double-income, single unit families, access to multiple information technologies, and the growing unavailability of time, parents need support to create uncluttered, stress-free, nurturing environments for their children. Most importantly parents also need neutral spaces to introspect and reflect on their own lives and selves – a factor that enriches their parenting quotient.
  • Initiatives like ‘The Circle outside The Circle’ also give children the companionship of peers, which they otherwise would have had with cousins and siblings in the joint family systems of earlier times.
  • Over time, parent volunteers have continued to play significant roles in the development of the organization (by writing on ECD issues in the media, volunteering to organize workshops, managing events, opening doors to decision-makers where policy-level work is required etc.).
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