Daycare and Other Activities  

Age Group 18 months - 12 years
We do understand that with the changing times a ‘nuclear family’ has become a reality so has a ‘double income’ phenomenon. The parents - because of their busy work schedule - are unable to give time to the child. Hence, at The Circle we make sure the Child does not get neglected and feels that he is special and is handled accordingly.

We believe that we give ourselves - when we give gifts of heart, love, kindness, joy and understanding. Today our children need a better, healthier, and a positive environment to grow sans ‘the joint family system’. We understand the need of the parent and do our best through our day care section where the child not only gets a homely environment but is also ‘nurtured’ and looked after with a lot of ‘love and care’.

Age Group 6years - 14 years
Abacus is a smart approach to improve your Childs listening skills, accuracy, concentration power, imagining skills, self confidence, writing skills and over all academic performance. A course which your child would love to indulge and enjoy for the simple reason that it is not mundane, giving your Childs creativity a chance! A course which would make a subject like maths easier, simpler and enjoyable!

Kid’s Gurukul
Age Group 2years - 10 years
How about a place where your child can have all the variety of entertainment along with value addition without making a hole in your pocket!
Kid’s Gurukul is a children’s library where they can get an array of books, toys, CD’s, movies on a lending basis. The best part about this library is that once the child gets used to the game or puzzle or the book, you can come and exchange it for any other item of his choice. All the items are educative and enjoyable at the same time.

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